Petronella Grahn (s. 1970) is a finnish fairytale Artist and illustrator, book author, designer, founder of Tinttu.com  and a mother of six. 

Petronella Grahn started her imaginative and timeless children’s clothing and hat line called “Childish Children’s Clothes” and “Hillarious Hats”. The lines were marketed by Tinttu.com. From the very start, design was based on actual children and their needs in everyday play. The designed clothing pieces were hand crafted in Petronella’s children’s clothing studio. The demand quickly grew to such proportions that international manufacturing was a necessity, but the focus remains on domestic production whenever possible.

Tinttu.com was the perfect place to introduce Petronella Grahn’s hand painted fairytale characters and entire magical fairy dreamland of Pomenia. Her art work in the textile designs lead to fairytale art work and interior design commissioning around the country. Her artwork delights and helps create a warmer atmosphere in various Finnish hospitals, such as the Medical Center Mehiläinen, Kotka Hospital and Jorvi Hospital.  Her designed art walls can be found in HopLop children’s indoor activity centers in five Finnish cities and in the outdoor parks Rehndahl and Hempyöli.

She has also designed and created enchanted daycare centers and complete magical worlds in private homes and contributed to charity causes throughout Finland.


Petronella wrote and illustrated her first children’s story book in 2015, called “Magic Fairy Dust”.


All these endeavors and new ventures flying into view, such as children’s theater, fairytale art, music, board games, mobile games and animated features, lead to the difficult decision whether to give up the original children’s clothing line or to carry on even though there did not seem to be enough time to everything wonderful. The decision to let go of the textile line Tinttu.com was not easy but it was necessary.

The transition has been swift and everyone has rolled their sleeves to get things on the move and Pomenia a reality. The first longer storybook “Pomenia!” and the board game:”Pomenia Mindfulness Fairytale Adventure”, produced with Mindful Pause are coming out soon. The mobile game Pomenia will have its grand opening in 2017. The game is being produced by Seepia Games in Lappeenranta, Finland. A collection of short stories is also under creation not to mention other pomenian lovelies, such as magical music.