Pomenia-Tales from a Fairy Dreamland


The world of Pomenia is story books, children’s theater, fairytale art, outdoor activities, music, games and animated features. The adventures of trolls and dragons, unicorns and fairies take you to a place that you have only dreamed about, perhaps a long time ago.


Pomenia can only be seen through very courageous eyes, in curious explorations of fairytales and adventures. When you create things in Pomenia, they stand the test of time. There is always enough time to wander, explore and experience. Yet Pomenia is full of action. There is a special way of doing things in Pomenia: swift and patient at the same time. Like a child flying through a field of flowers with time to investigate a butterfly wing for its every flash of sparkle.


What Pomenia keeps has always been. Even though the magical world is quite natural, you can forget and remember Pomenia, time and again. And if you cannot find your way it is best to stop in your tracks and ask a child for direction. Magic and a wonderful sense of perception is kept alive by dreaming.

The door to the Fairy Dreamland of Pomenia has now been opened. The magic is already nesting on your palm. Welcome!